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What we've played since 1977

Download the list in composer order. [updated 6 December 2019]


What makes an amateur orchestra?

A study by social anthropologist and ex-DSO member Chris Martin.
Download here (4Mb).

DSO at the Herne Hill Festival 20 October 2012

DSO and Lambeth Music Centre play a new piece by John Holland.
Details of the project

1977-96 programmes and photos from Giles Brindley's scrapbook.




2005February May October
2006February June October
2007January April June October
2008 February

Past concerts


2015-16 Blackheath Concert
2017-18 St Paul's Girls School




Programmes from past concerts

1977 December
1978 May December
1979 June December
1980 March June December
1981 April June November
1982 April June November
1983 June December
1984 March December
1985 March
1986 March November
1987 March June November
1988 March June November
1989 March June

1990 April June December
1991 March June December
1992 April July November
1993 March July November
1994 April July December
1995 March July December
1996 March July November
1997 March June November
1998 March July December
1999 July December

2000 March July December
2001 March July December
2002 March July December
2003 March June November
2004 June December
2005March June November
2006March June November
2007February May July November
2008 March June November
2009 March June November

2010 March

2013 June
2015 November
2016 May
2017 November
2018 March July November
2019 November




Constitution working group 2010

The report can be downloaded using these links:

Report and annexes A and B
Annex C (parallel text of the constitution as tabled at 2010 AGM).
Annex D recommendations on the proposed amendments
Annex E draft revised constitution

The members of the group were:

  • Caroline Annesley
  • Frances Barrett
  • Chris Burns
  • Jeremy Crump (convenor)
  • Jane Howard
  • Nicky Jackson
  • Roland McCabe
  • Peter Watkins

Agenda and minutes of the first meeting (1 February).

Terms of reference.

Text of the present constitution and Chris Burns's proposed amendments

Agenda and minutes of the second meeting (14 March)

Agenda and minutes of the third meeting (4 April)

Agenda and draft minutes of the fourth meeting (9 May)

Record of discussion of amendments.
Next steps paper.



Charity no. 1100857