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Committee members 2017-18

Jeremy Crump (chair)

Liz Cleary (treasurer)

Tessa Crilly (seceretary)

Chris Burns

Ruth Holton

Ishani O'Connor

Ally Rosser











Committee meetings

2011     October December  
2012 February June September December
2013 March July   December
2014 March July November  
2015 March May September December
2016 March   September  
2017 March   September  

Annual General Meetings

2010         Minutes
2011 EGM         Minutes
2011 Agenda Annual report 2010-11 Revised Constitution Minutes of EGM (9/2011) Minutes
2012 Agenda Annual report 2011-12 Accounts (general) Accounts (education) Minutes
2013 Agenda Annual report 2012-13 Accounts (general) Accounts (education) Minutes
2013 EGM         Minutes
2014 Agenda Annual report 2013-14 Accounts (general) Accounts (education) Minutes
2015 Agenda Annual report 2014-15 Accounts (general) Accounts (education) Minutes
2016 Agenda Annual report 2015-16 Accounts (general) Accounts (education) Minutes
2017 Agenda Annual report 2016-17 Accounts   Minutes
2018 Agenda Annual report 2017-18 Accounts OTR paper Minutes
2019 Agenda Annual report 2018-19 Accounts    


Follow this link to download the DSO constitution.

Data protection policy

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Financial reserves policy

Follw this link to download the DSO reserves policy.













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